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Software Development

We handle custom and off-the-shelf software development to automate processes and empower human beings. We have devised several ready-to-use software packages that have found their way into different areas: archiving, construction, logistics and administration, improving the production and management processes of the numerous companies that have relied on our experience and expertise.

Good Archive

Off-the-shelf software, able to accurately detect the structure of articles, ensuring the indexing and retrieval of information.

Good Edil

Integrated management software for site planning, human resources and operational activities from a single shared environment.

Good Logistics

With our software, we simplify intermodal transport planning, offering a wide range of functionalities in a single environment.

Good Broker

The management software for insurance brokers, which simplifies their work by comparing and managing insurance company policies.

Software services
when and where they're needed

We optimise the production chain, physical and digital, highlighting losses in human potential and process accuracy. We reduce the risk of error by ensuring the consistency of data and its transformations.
Automation We eliminate the possibility of error through automation of production processes. To err is human, which is why entrusting certain mechanical and repetitive operations to a machine is a definitive solution to eliminating the margin of error in calculation or production.
Integration We enable different ecosystems to communicate with each other, translating their languages and enhancing their functionality. Integrating and not prevaricating: at Goodcode we always try to preserve our customers' digital ecosystems, improving them without radically altering them.
Transformation We streamline operations, we reduce costs. We accompany you in IT Transformation by strengthening cybersecurity. The digital world is as interesting as it is complex: we guide you step by step in digitising and optimising processes without neglecting any aspect of your business.

Key facts about us

We develop software that will transform the future of business

Digital transformation is our bread and butter. We have been supporting companies since 2016 in developing software solutions to automate processes and identify new sources of revenue.

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Cybersecurity: keep safe

Experts in cybersecurity, we are committed to protecting the information assets within your company, by opening doors that are ready to welcome guests but tightly closed to turn away those who are not welcome

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Proteggiamo il patrimonio informativo all'interno della tua azienda, costruendo porte pronte ad aprirsi per accogliere gli invitati ma ben chiuse per respingere chi non è il benvenuto.

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"We were constantly disappointed with other suppliers, something was always missing in every offer, a particular feature, a language, a service item. All our requirements came together in one app, developed by Goodcode based on our specific needs."

Luca Quadroni
Tigestim SA CEO

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